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In love and involved in the best relationship ever with the most beautiful girl in the world.



Customer Has a Hilarious Norse Mythology-Themed Chat with an Amazon Customer Service Person

This made today.

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I’m honestly quite proud of this status.

This is me ( and my beautiful little panda, aka the brunette that I’ve been kissing for almost a year and a half.
We met through the internet, but we live in pretty close towns and we study in the same city. So, definitely, distance is not our problem, but, in the first months of our relationship, we had to deal with unacceptance, ignorance and prejudices. And, maybe, from people we didn’t expected it.
We live in Italy and, sometimes, hate and insults come even from strangers, and this can really get you down.
But we kept our head and our pride up, because our love is stronger than everything I’ve ever felt. I love her so much…she gave me so much hope, self-confidence and helped me passing through very though times.
She is my rock…and she is the most beautiful, sweet and smart girl I’ve ever met in my whole entrire life. I’m proud of beeing hers.


Orange is the New Black makes me want to be a bad bitch and get sent to prison

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Dog Lover Shirts:
They left me out; they made fun of me. Galina ‘Red’ Reznikov (Orange Is The New Black)

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