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In love and involved in the best relationship ever with the most beautiful girl in the world.

We were talking about friendship in bigger and smaller cities and my friend said: _ It’s better to live in a big city, ‘cause you can choose people. While in little towns you have to settle_.

We live in a small city. And she said it without stopping to look at me.

Basically, this’ how friendships work in little towns.



Jim Parsons & his boyfriend, Todd Spiewak, before Emmys.
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I am not the sad girl anymore. No, I am more than that. I am strong and caring. I am both confident and insecure. I am simultaneously one of the kindest and meanest people you will ever meet. I am ugly, I am beautiful, and I am bursting with fire. I am home to strange and brilliant thoughts. I am heavily flawed and I am still good enough. I am so much, and I will never allow myself to be reduced to a single word again. Even when I am sad, I am still so much more. I am not the sad girl anymore. No, I am everything. (via positivedoodles)

(via positivedoodles)

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